Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Holika Dahan - 2010 :: Some New Photos

These photos were drawn from some source, please enjoy the decency of the Holika Decoration at Helipad Ground, Sarlanagar

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Monday, March 1, 2010

Holika Dahan Programme at Sarlanagar Premises

India is a land of true and vibrant colors, one of the prime Indian Festivals is Holi, which is celebrated in different stages, the first of which is the Celebration of Holika Dahan.

At Sarlanagar, here this is done by Maihar Cement Club, this holi week, their remained an intense excitement with the people in here, because they were supposed to see completely new concept of making Holika (Bonfire, to be burned), this time, actually first time provided with a whole new entry for Prahlad, Holika, etc.

Here we've provided some of the stills, from the same, downscaled to 1024*768, for faster loading, and easy view, enjoy full view by clicking on them.

These images were taken without flash,  about a minute later after lighting the Bonfire, Most people saying they were looking like "an English Lady standing, wearing a hat." 
Moon too can be seen as a small white spot besides the pretty expressions of fire, looking very beautiful...isn't it...?

One can see the edge of fire approaching toward sky so high, must say, if u were their to watch this out, u'll be saying, Wow...Thats Beautifully Enormous.....!

Their was kept a statue of Holika, which came hence and forth, thereby making new kids make themselves question about history of Holika and that of Holi too.

It all looked so beautiful from far behind, it is looking like a cave, hiding a fire inside it.

Look at more Images, the stunning ones are here,

Looking like a latest Modern Art work from some big painter...;-)

Different shade of  the same thing, if seen alone no one can say that these are Holika Dahan photos. It all lasted for about 10-12 minutes, i.e. 5 for the structure to be gone and  anothe 5-6 for the thing to be like that in the below images:

Lord Krishna, Radha Ji, along with their playmates, playing Holi, it was seen at 3-4 places across, Brajbhoomi, Vrindavan depicted in the image below.

Some Special Moments with the people who made it actually happen:

All the way, thats for now, we'll be bringing some videos of this program, in some time from now.
Please comment on this and make a request for full images, if you want so....!

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